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  From the experience of being the last 30 years on the market, specialized in the manufacture and repair of upholstered furniture, we introduce a new collection we hope it’ll satisfy your decorative concerns with comfort and modernity.

     In TREFORMA we have a different view about the traditional way of providing service, that’s why our company is current on the latest market trends in upholstery, in addition to being in a constant process of innovation to further improve about new materials and guidance of this product line. Our mission is to provide articles of high quality standards and give complete satisfaction to our customers according to their needs.

  Find the result of combining the best design with the dreamt welfare.








"Hay en el mundo un lenguaje que todos comprenden: es el lenguaje del entusiasmo, de las cosas hechas con amor y con voluntad, en busca de aquello en lo que se cree"
Paulo Coelho, novelista